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1. Lower cholesterol

2. With strong bactericidal effect

3. Adjust blood sugar

4. Cleanse the intestines, detoxify, clear the blood and eliminate impurities in the body.

5. Effectively remove acne and reduce infection.

6. Suitable for fever, pain, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion and other cold symptoms 

  • Detail:

    Name: OEM Colored Capsule

    Product: Garlic oil Capsule

    MOQ: 300,000pcs

    Size: 500mg

    Different Size Available:  300mg,350mg,500mg, 1000mg

    Shape: Oval

    Different Shape Available: Oval,Oblong

    Color: Transparent yellow

    Different Color Available: Red, Green, Orange, White, Pink, Light Yellow, Milk White, Black

    Package:  Blister or Bottle as picture showed


    The sample is Garlic oil Capsule,a colored soft-gel capsule which is one of our main OEM product line, similar product customizing available.

    We have 7 soft-gel capsule product line and Annual output 30 billion capsule. We have automatic machine production line and in- house Laboratory for quality ensuring.

    We can customise different formula, if you have one, welcome for inquiry.

    Extract Services:

    OEM Service Offered

    Design Service Offered

    Buyer Label Offered

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